Managing Whistle-Blowing


As part of corporate governance solutions, we also provide whistleblowing management services. We help you to develop an appropriate user-friendly whistleblowing portal that will serve as a feedback channel; you make the choice as to whether you want to manage the portal yourself or let us manage it for you. If we manage the reports for you, we will manage all complaints received, analyse and categorise all complaints, and provide you with an overview of the situation on a regular basis. Should you choose to manage the portal yourself, be assured that we will be willing to provide technical support as needed.

Why whistleblowing is important?

Having a feedback channel has many benefits, especially if your company owns multiple subsidiaries overseas. Having your operations spread out over large distances may make it hard to monitor and keep track of what is really going on; this feedback channel will allow your employees to serve as your eyes and ears on the ground.

With the guarantee of anonymity, confidentiality and a user-friendly portal, employees will not be afraid to come forth with their concerns should they witness anything unsavoury.

This also serves as a deterrent for employees tempted to do wrongdoing, as they know that their peers may easily, anonymously report them.