Litigation Support

We provide cutting edge litigation support services through our carefully selected specialists and contractors, to ensure that our partners, lawyers and expert witnesses receive the best support available in their cases. Our services include:

  • Provision of eDiscovery software support and appropriate workflow plans
  • Advising on choice of keyword search plans in the OCR scheme
  • Minimizing data by filtering documents and emails that duplicate
  • Data processing to assist lawyers to review and/or redact information
  • Log-correlation analysis to connect diverse activities in different networks
  • Preparation of document list and documents for review and exchange
  • Conducting advanced forensic analysis to determine the event timeline on a system.
  • Examining systems for the presence of activity or tools that reflect data tampering or destruction
  • Recovery of lost or hidden data

Simply put, the objective of e-discovery is to identify information that will corroborate or discredit a claim. Our skilled operators possesses the creativity and advanced technical knowledge to identify that evidence, and make a difference in the outcome of a case.