Key Hires Assessment and other individual services

Key Hires Assessment/Pre-employment screening services are becoming increasingly more essential to employers, and a failure to carry out such background checks could result in serious consequences for companies. Negligent hiring can be avoided by effective pre-employment background checks.  RHT IN will be able to help you conduct due diligence checks on shortlisted candidates and verify the veracity of the claims in their CVs and the truthfulness of their referees and certifications.

Case Study :

Our client, a SGX Mainboard listed company employed a new Payroll Manager. Insufficient due diligence was conducted on this person who had previous criminal antecedents involving siphoning of money from her employers. By the time she was found out a year later, she had already stolen about S$1 million using false identities and accounts. The matter was reported to the police and actions were taken by the client to sue the accused and to seek restitution. RHT IN was engaged to aid the latter, for proper closure of the matter. It is essential to know who you are hiring. And this is even more important further up the hierarchy of the organisation.