Financial Fraud

Fraud can impact any organisation. Sometimes its impact may be so severe it may even destroy the organization. These are some common examples of fraud :

Asset misappropriation.

  • Skimming (theft) of cash before it even enters the company’s accounting system.
  • Cheque tampering,
  • Fake billing schemes, Payroll schemes,
  • Fake or duplicate expense reimbursement schemes
  • Inventory schemes
  • Misuse of company assets

Financial statement fraud.

Overstating revenue, earnings and assets – along with understating liabilities are the most common activities found with this type of fraud.

Theft of intellectual property and trade secrets.

The theft of intellectual property and trade secrets is becoming more prevalent.

Consumer fraud.

Consumer fraud is about individuals being targeted through bogus telemarketing, Ponzi schemes, email, phishing, ID theft and other schemes.

Fraud can take many forms and shapes and will impact an organization in several ways and not just financially. We help companies cope with crises when they happen, or better still, help companies prevent crises from happening.