Commercial Due Diligence

RHT IN will conduct a comprehensive corporate governance and board check, based on both Open-Source Intelligence Research and Discrete Fieldwork cum Interviews. RHT IN helps companies and investors check and manage the key business risk issues during the screening process, focusing on their business and risks that are not obvious from traditional financial or legal reviews.

While a corporate governance analysis will provide one with an overview of the current situation, it is important to examine a company’s past. RHT IN will carry out a comprehensive due diligence check, designed to map a company’s history and verify the statements made in the offering, thus avoiding any potential liabilities arising from incomplete or misleading disclosures, and revealing any problematic information and thereby provide advisors with the required risk assessment ahead of an IPO, or any intended investments:

  • Fraudulent activities
  • Hidden affiliations, business partnerships and ownership, directorships and assets.
  • Civil and criminal litigation, both current and historical.
  • Regulatory and Ethical breaches, Watch lists and Blacklists.

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