Business Partner Review

RHT IN helps companies and investors to check and manage the key business risk issues during the pre-transaction process, focusing on business and other risks that are not obvious from traditional financial or legal reviews.

Regardless if your potential business partner is a government entity, private firm or publicly listed company, there is a need to identify and appreciate the full spectrum of the possible risks associated with the potential transaction.

RHT IN due diligence services provide clients objective insight and intelligence into issues such as the target’s financial, operational or regulatory concerns, its reputation, indebtedness, and even corruption or money-laundering considerations.

The process involves discreet research of targets as well as collection and analysis of intelligence from public and non-public information sources. Our in-depth discreet inquiries will be managed and undertaken by experienced Consultants according to proper legal regulations and ethics. Financial due diligence can be carried out on the business and its affiliations and networks, or the key movers of the business, or both.

Case Study:

Our client, an international major shipping company engaged a local Indonesian businessman to be its local representative in Jakarta. Subsequently it received information that this local representative had also been accepting bribes and also working against the interests of the company. It sought to terminate their business relationship. To its shock, the local representative became very aggressive and even threatened to hurt some of company’s senior executives based in Jakarta. Eventually the matter was finally resolved with the company making compensation to the local representative.

RHT IN (FDA)  supported the client with a thorough background check on this subject, and also coordinated support for ‘close-protection services’ (body guard) for its senior executive targeted by the local party. Much of this could have been avoided if proper due diligence was carried out before deciding on the choice of business partner.