About Us

RHT Intelligence Network

RHT Intelligence Network (RHT IN) is an independent risk management company, specialising in providing companies and high-profile individuals with support in corporate intelligence, security and investigations (RHT FDA), in almost any field of work.

The company serves financial institutions, private equity funds, high-worth individuals and corporate entities, in any environment.

The unique combination of our services, supported by a vast network of strategic partners and alliances, gives our clients an expansive geographical (Asia) reach to ensure they receive the best “in-time” bespoke solutions, from focused and accurate corporate intelligence on prospective partners or employees, to expansive and deep probes into suspicious transactions and entities.

We pride ourselves to have consistently delivered the same high-quality results even in exceptionally challenging circumstances.

Our expert team includes former prosecutors, law enforcement officers, intelligence operatives and forensic accountants – click here to view their full profiles.