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Thank you for visiting our website. Please take your time to go through our website. You will find that there are useful information which you can use or download. For example, the Due Diligence booklet which highlights the essential criteria for proper due diligence searches. Or the Anti-Corruption SOP template which you can adopt or use as your own SOP, subject to your adaptations. Or the Whistle-blowing platform which highlights key issues to look out for in an effective WB policy. Or the RHT Intelligence Network Investigation Procedure Manual, which you can adopt or use as your own SOP for investigations. If you need any further help just call us or email us.

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We are a specialist risk management consultancy that helps organisations thrive. Through our expertise, technology and intelligence, we can help you maximize opportunities and profits, while remaining sharp, safe and compliant. And when you come across challenging situations or crises, we help you recover, expeditiously.


Many of our Consultants are veteran former police investigators and superintendents, known for having solved numerous complex or serious crimes that were headlines in Singapore. They are supported by an Advisory board of experts in various fields, such as :

No project is too complex for RHT Intelligence Network.


We have excellent strategic partners and networks in the Asian region and beyond, and routinely deal with multiple authorities across borders, to obtain the best results and solutions for our clients. Our close feel of the ground and extensive reach ensures that you get the best bespoke solutions for your challenges.

No project is too far or distant for RHT Intelligence Network.

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